Monday, June 27, 2016

Luminous is Here!

SDF is proud to announce the release of its Luminous Intelligence Platform. Luminous processes high volumes of malicious indicators which are pivoted off parsed WHOIS data to provide real-time DNS reputation analysis. This enables Internet infrastructure providers to leverage SDF’s role as a DNS abuse data clearinghouse to scale the fight against cybercrime. Robust cross-TLD relational mapping, flag-based classification, and dynamic queries make Luminous the essential platform for anyone serious about proactive anti-abuse.

The Luminous Intelligence Platform consists of an API and GUI-based portal. Key features include queries, template-based queries, custom data feeds, and a suspicious domain registration watch list. By integrating Luminous into domain name registration processes, internal abuse mitigation, zone file cleanup, and cybersecurity research, businesses can save money and make the Internet safer.

SDF member data sharing unleashes the full power of Luminous. Your contributions of malicious indicators, domain names, IP addresses, email addresses, postal addresses, and telephone numbers associated with DNS abuse drive the platform. Luminous adds value to data by converting static indicators, such as blocklists, into dynamic intelligence. Accordingly, your data contributions will not only benefit your organization but the entire SDF community.

Access to Luminous is free for SDF members, subject to a data sharing agreement.